10 things you may not have known about....BMX

Ready, set, go: The first ever European BMX Championships took place in the Netherlands in 1982. Glasgow 2018 will be the first the event has been held in Scotland.

The UEC European BMX Championships are coming to Scotland next August as part of the first ever multi-sport Glasgow 2018 European Championships.

Europe’s best BMX riders will compete at a brand-new permanent Olympic standard track currently being constructed at Knightswood Park in the city’s west side.
Boasting an eight-metre start hill, this exciting new track will be the home of the Western Titans BMX Club once the Championships are over providing a lasting legacy for the sport of BMX in Scotland.

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To celebrate the European BMX Championships being held in Scotland for the first-time ever, we’ve picked out TEN interesting things about the sport of BMX which you may not have known…

  1. BMX is an acronym and stands for ‘Bicycle Motocross’

  2. The roots of the sport began in the Netherlands, where the sport of motocross was invented back in the 1950s. Modern BMX riding as we know it today really took off on the dirt tracks of Southern California in the 1970s.

  3. The 1971 film ‘On Any Sunday’, featuring Hollywood star Steve McQueen, is widely thought to have popularised the sport of BMX across the United States and increased interest in the sport in the United Kingdom.

  4. Before he went on to become Scotland’s most decorated Olympian, Sir Chris Hoy raced BMX between the ages of 7 and 14. He was ranked fifth in Europe at one stage and credits the sport with giving him an important understanding of winning and losing.

  5. The large banked corners that you see on BMX tracks (there are usually three) – and where a majority of crashes occur - are called ‘Berms’ 

  6. European BMX riders are some of the most talented in the world with France, Netherlands and Latvia producing some of the sport’s best athletes in recent times.

  7. BMX has been an Olympic sport since the 2008 summer games in Beijing. Latvia’s Maris Strombergs is the most successful European rider at Olympic level to date with two gold medals to his name.

  8. 18-year-old British rider Bethany Shriever is the current junior women’s champion at both World and European level and is one of the sport’s brightest prospects.

  9. The sport of BMX contains many different specialisms and genres, including freestyle BMX (which will become an Olympic sport in 2020). Famous freestyle BMX riders or ‘street trials’ riders include Americans Matt Hoffman & Dave Mirra and Scotland’s Danny MacAskill.

  10. Once completed, the new BMX track at Knightswood Park in Glasgow will become the first Olympic standard BMX track in Scotland and only the second in the UK, outside Manchester.

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