Our Place Fund

The Glasgow 2018 European Championships is a moment of great inspiration and achievement. We want to use this opportunity to celebrate local cultural projects and arts activity. Vote for what you'd like to see happen within your community. 

Online voting for Our Place Fund - Glasgow has now closed.

The Festival 2018 Our Place Fund has £120,000 available for community groups to arrange cultural events and arts activities in their own area before and during the Glasgow 2018 European Championships.

£60,000 has been allocated for cultural events and arts activity within Glasgow, and will be distributed through a participatory budgeting process. People across Glasgow will vote to choose which events are funded. An additional £60,000 has been devolved to other host local authorities across Scotland for distribution locally.

Click here to apply for funding under the East Dunbartonshire allocation.

Information on the other host local authorities processes and plans for their community fund allocation will be shared at a later date.

Glasgow City Council area applications and voting for the Festival 2018 Our Place Fund have now closed.


Online Voting and the Share & Decide event for the Festival 2018 Our Place Fund in Glasgow have now passed.
Thank you to all the people of Glasgow who voted.
The results are now available here.

All the online votes and Share & Decide votes were combined to determine which proposals will be supported. The decision was announced at 4pm on Saturday 10 March 2018.