The Scottish Government

Scotland is a fair land, not just beautiful, but fair. Fair to our citizens by creating sustainable opportunities for all of Scotland to flourish. Fair to the unlimited potential of young people with free access to higher education. Fair to our natural resources by championing sustainability and to our planet by forging true progress on the difficult challenges that face us all. Fair to future generations by pooling our resources with like-minded countries to solve the big problems in science, medicine and the environment. We believe in equality. We are a land where visitors are warmly welcomed. Where inventiveness and creativity are woven into our fabric, a land that creates the conditions that encourage investment and innovation. A land that believes in the power of education to be a force of good in the world. We want to speak up and speak out with a strong voice. A voice for humanity. A voice for progressiveness. A voice for tolerance. More than our mountains and our glens, our fauna and flora, our traditions and rich history, it is these values that make Scotland. So let us tell you a bit more about what makes our land, our Scotland.